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If you find a perfect thing, or place, or person, you should stick to it…

One month in and two films down, a little behind on the viewings but in setting up this blog and aquiring enough films to keep me going for a couple of months now whilst I source some more, I am confident things are on track for this challenge. In addition, several other projects for the future have been inspired, including one very commercially viable idea that I am quite excited about (top secret for now but watch this space!). So, let's do Rebecca…


At first I thought this film was going to be a very simple affair where we would discover that Rebecca was locked in the attic, or in the case of the Manderley estate, the West Wing! I hadn't read the book in fairness, but I was glad to be proved thoroughly wrong…

The best thing about the film, in my eyes, was the one thing that was not there… Rebecca! This is a story about a battle between two women of opposites for the love and respect of Mr de Winter (Laurence Olivier). Rebecca… wealthy, popular, glamourous and exuberant but oh so very much DEAD. And the new Mrs de Winter (Joan Fontain; she has no name, and I got a long way into the film before really noticing this!) who is shy and under confident to begin with and very much not of the world she has been brought into.

Ultimately, the ending is nothing like you would expect. Rebecca is not what she seems and the new Mrs de Winter triumphs as her resolve, love and faith prove her to be far more a woman than Rebecca ever was or will be, in life or death!

I like to think the ending has a very 'Egyptian' feeling. Manderley was a tomb for Rebecca (and the house maid the guard of that tomb, full of it's constant reminders and repetition of Rebecca's 'R' emblem that appears everywhere, looming over the new marriage) and ultimately it all follows her in to the afterlife… not without a bit of a show of course… just the way she would have wanted it!

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